A day with enthusiasm is a day lived

About me

Hi, I’m Anna-Lena, but most people call me “Shama.” Originally from Sweden, I moved to the United States in 1991 with my family and have lived in California for many years. I currently live at the off-grid regenerative center Heartland Collective in Northern California, which I co-founded with my son, Anders. I enjoy blending my Swedish heritage into life with the other cultures that are represented at Heartland.

I’ve dedicated over five decades to health, wellness, and personal growth. As a physical therapist, yoga teacher, and movement practitioner, including in Non-Linear Movement and Ritual Shamanic Trance Dance, I see myself as a bridge between being stagnant in life to finding joy and grace in the aging process. It takes commitment, humor, and courage to change old patterns. Additionally, I’m an avid golfer and the only woman to have completed the Awesome 8 Golf Challenge. One of my current goals is to shoot my age.

Through sharing my story, communicating my learnings, and connecting with others (and dancing along the way!) I hope to inspire people to take charge of their lives and achieve their full potential. I would love to connect with you.

Shama sitting at Heartland
Shama dancing at Heartland with chicken

My focus

Hands moving towards the sun in greyscale

Mindful Movement

The mind and body are interconnected, and true wellness requires addressing both.

Physical Therapist

Yoga Instructor

Trance Dance Facilitator

Non-Linear Movement

Bookshelf in greyscale

Sharing Wisdom

Aging and confronting death is challenging but provide endless gifts to share with others.

Mother of Four

Heartland Collective Elder

Intimacy and Attraction

The Wild Woman Circle

Plant growing in black and grey

Continued Growth

Learning provides opportunities for increased self-awareness, improved skills, and healing.

Nonviolent Communication

Rupert Spira and Gabor Mate’

Practicing Tango Dancer

Aspiring Harmonica Player

I hope to inspire people to take charge of their lives in order to achieve their full potential.